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“I was getting exhausted from rounds of practice. I tried switching my foot to catapult to another stone but I could not pull myself up. I tried a combination of moves but I slipped and still didn’t get the pull that I needed. After several failed attempts, I paused and remembered what Neil taught me during his meditation classes i.e., do long breaths – deep inhales and exhales. This act may seem basic but it did wonders for my mind, body and heart. I did not only reach the top, but I also arrived there quickly! Thank you, Awake.ph for this lesson.”



“Thanks for spreading love and light to the world everyday. Cagayan de Oro”


“Thanks for spreading love and light to the world everyday. Cagayan de Oro”


“I’ve discovered the power of meditation. Like magic, mindful breathing makes my anxiety go away. I practice with www.awake.ph. He’s the best!
If you are feeling anxious, stressed, afraid, I suggest you give it a try”
Grateful for the guiden Meditation classes of neil at @awake.com.ph which I urge you guys to join every day and practice at either 9am or 6pm vis IG LIVE

The Dailay reflection, breath work and affirmations have been so vital and nourishing during these very times. Possible to do in whatever space you occupy and feel comfortable with, and with whatever energy you have for the day.



” I am not sure if you are a basketball fan, but the last episode of “Last Dance documentary of Michael Jordan” hit home with your teachings. One expert said he was the Greatest of All Time, not because he was super athletic, can jump high, physically gifted, etc. but he can live in the moment and the NOW (they referred to yoga teachings too in passing).”


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